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Do Snake Plant Flower? How to Get Snake Plants to Bloom?

Do snake Plant Flower? When you notice a small stem with small flowers in the snake plant, there is no need to worry; you have observed a rare event at home. The snake plant flowers are among the rarest events that will happen to those who keep this plant at home. If you have followed the right environmental conditions, such as watering, light, and humidity, as well as feeding the plant, it is your right to get the results of your good works with snake plant flowering.

Snake plant flower is one of the unattainable dreams of all those who keep snake plants at home. Because this plant, having high sensitivities, does not have proper flowering in many cases, and in a few cases, its flowers can be observed.

To see snake plant bloom, you have to be patient and provide the plant with the conditions. It may take several years, but it is worth all the effort. In this article from the thehplants site, we have discussed some important points about snake plant flowering, which includes watering, nutrition, light, etc.

One of the Resistant plants to keep in home is snake plant. snake plant care is very easy; In addition to adaptation to low light. according to NASA Clean Air Study snake plant is an air purifier plants . One of the questions that have been asked is what should we do to make snake plant flower?

snake plant flower
snake plant flower

Does Snake Plant Bloom?

Yes, many people do not know that if good conditions can be provided for this plant and if it becomes mature, it can start blooming. Frankly, this plant’s beauty is mostly because of its leaves and not the flowers. Mother in law’s tongue flowers grow on a very long stalk which can be sometimes near 3 feet (1 meter). There will be many buds and blossoms on each stalk. The color of the snake plant flowers is white or creamy. The flowers are like lotus flowers when they bloom. Notice that each snake plant can have maximum 2 or 3 flowering stalks and will only bloom once a year.

Snake Plants Bloom
Snake Plant Bloom

Snake plant flowers are very fragrant and have a pleasant scent (they are more fragrant at night and sometimes the nectar of these blooms drip down like as a dew) and this can in fact attract many pests. So if you keep your plant outside you have to be careful about that.

Snake plant flower

Let us examine the flower of the snake plant more so that you will not be surprised when you see it on your plant. First, let’s start with a question, do different species of snake plants have different flower colors? In response, it should be said that no, different species of this plant have flowers with different color tones, but you should not expect a lot of color difference from it. The color of snake plant flowers for different species can be cream to whitish green, white, and in some rare cases, yellow.

Snake plant flower form
Snake plant flowers form

The stem from which the flowers grow can have dozens of small tubular flowers in a cluster with thin petals. It is interesting to know that the flowers of the snake plant are very similar to the flowers of small lily and Lonicera Caprifolium.

How long can do snake plant flowers last?

There is no specific time because it highly depends on the conditions that you provide for the plant, but these flowers can show off (last) between 1 to 3 weeks. After they died, you have to prune the flower stalks from the base with a sharp knife.

Do snake Plant Flower
Do snake Plant Flower

What does the flowering of snake plants mean?

This is an interesting point that maybe you can easily force your plant to flower if you know it. If you expose your snake plant to a lot of filtered light during this time, the snake plant has a greater tendency to grow roots. And if your pot is smaller than the plant’s growth rate, you can see Snake Plant Pups and they then start to flower. Reducing the root space causes more leaf growth and flowering.

So, the flowering of the snake plant means that the space in your pot is small for the roots, and the nutrition and light of the plant are properly provided.

Proper conditions for Snake Plants

Before mentioning the conditions for blooming, you have to know what the best conditions for taking care of this beautiful plant are.

How much light do snake plants need?

Snake plants can survive with little water and you have to water them when the soil is dry to depth of 3 to 4 centimeters and remember to check the drainage of your pot. This plant desires filtered sunlight and should not be put in direct sunlight. Use lightweight and well-drained soil to make the plant grow well and you can also make an island mode to keep it moisturized (Spraying can also be good but you should not do it in direct light at noon).

what is the best soil for snake plant?

Do snake Plants Flower
Do snake Plants Flower

What (factors) can make snake plants bloom?

There are different reasons that can lead tp snake plant flowers. You may have this plant for many years and yet never see its beautiful flowers. On the other hand, some may not take good care of this plant and after a while see the flowers bloom. But in general, mother in law’s tongue flowers bloom in the end of summer and the start of fall. But you have to consider that you should provide good conditions for the plant and look after it. However, in greenhouse conditions the snake plant can bloom in any season which depends on how you look after it.

Age of maturity in snake plants and blooming

Probably the main factor for snake plant blooming is maturity: your plant has to be at least 2 or 3 years old so that we can say that it became mature. But this age can vary in different plants.

Giving a shock (stress) : A factor that causes snake plants bloom

In some cases it has been observed that with increasing the light and the decrease of watering, plants start to bloom. But it only happens when the roots have grown enough and have started to produce side shoots (tillers). In that case, there would be a chance that shocking (stress) can make the plant bloom.

snake plants bloom
snake plant bloom

How to water the plant while growing

One of the key points is proper watering. High or low watering can cause a negative shock in plants so you need to water the plant correctly. This plant’s leaves may roll when it highly needs water. But sometimes warm and dry environment can make the leaves roll and you can use a moisturizing machine or the island mode.

Supplying nutrients in growing season

Another key point in flowering snake plants is to get them nutrients when needed. Try to use complete fertilizer like 3-20 or the ones with high potash like NPK121236 once in two or three weeks in growing seasons (spring and summer). Consider that you absolutely should not give fertilizer to your plant in winter.

However, there are some cases that without giving fertilizer and just after changing the pot the plant started to bloom.

Provide it a good light

Although this plant can tolerate the low light, but if you want to see its pretty and fragrant flowers, you should give more filtered sunlight for your plant. It is better to keep the plant 1 to 2 meters near south-facing window and you can put it near a window with curtains. Light is one of the major factors in flowering snake plants.

Choose the right size pot for your plant

while choosing a pot for a snake plant, It is better if you use plastic or clay pot for this plant but what is more important is that the size of the pot should be adequate for your plant, if your pot is too big for your plant, it will spend more energy to grow the roots and there will be no blossoms or flowers.

learn more about repotting snake plants

snake plants to bloom
snake plants to bloom

Appropriate temperature for snake plant bloom

Mother in law’s tongue plant is native to tropical Africa and South Asia and can not endure very low temperature. If you’ve placed your plant outdoors, bring it inside in cold seasons and move it outside in the beginning of spring. If you do not do that, the shock that is caused by changing temperature will put off the blooming.

Do snake plants die after flowering?

No. This plant won’t die by no means after flowering and you should not worry about that.

conclusion of snake plant flower

In this article, we tried to tell you all the tips and things that make the snake plant bloom. If you provide the right care conditions for your plant, such as sufficient light, proper nutrition, and watering along with a small pot for the snake plant, you will see its flowering after some time. But note that, like the cactus family, the age of maturity is very important in the flowering of our plant.

make sure to write about your experience of snake plant bloom in the comments, and have you ever seen the flowers of this plant?

  1. jodina says

    Hi, nice article. I have a question how do I know if my snake plant is happy or not?

    1. John says

      When a snake plant is happy, it will show signs such as growing taller and sprouting new leaves, and if it is mature and you take good care of it, you will see the snake plant flowering.

  2. Ongan says

    I pick the flowers of the snake plant so that the plant’s energy is used to grow leaves

  3. jpea says

    Snake plants may only flower once every few years, and some individuals may never flower indoors. Flowering is influenced by various factors such as the plant’s age, environmental conditions, and the specific species or cultivar.

  4. proizvodst says

    It was a very complete article, only one question has been bothering me. Do snake plants flower indoors?

    1. John says

      Yes, snake plants can flower indoors, but it is relatively rare. But if you provide the conditions mentioned in the article for the plant, you will see its beautiful flowers. However, under the right conditions, they may produce small, fragrant white or greenish-white flowers on tall stalks.

  5. me says

    If the snake plant blooms, should I pick its flowers or not?

    1. John says

      Enjoy the flowers! While snake plant flowers are not the main attraction of these plants, they can add a unique touch to your indoor space. Once the flowers have wilted, you can trim the flower stalk back to the base to maintain the plant’s appearance.
      This is while you can feed the plant correctly. Otherwise, you must pick the flowers so that the plant’s energy is not spent on the growth of flowers.

  6. teka says

    Thank you, it was a useful article

  7. salon says

    What methods should we use to encourage the snake plant to flower?

    1. John says

      The first and most important point to encourage your snake plant to flower, ensure it receives appropriate care. This includes providing bright, indirect light, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings, and occasionally providing a balanced, diluted fertilizer during the growing season. Be patient, as flowering is not guaranteed.

  8. resler says

    nice article.

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